Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Bush-Gore

Bush-Gore precinct maps in Google Earth KMZ format are now available via the Google Earth forum for two additional late primary states -- Indiana (May 6) and West Virginia (May 13).

Click graphic for larger image.

With Kentucky (May 20) sandwiched in between, it would have been nice to include the Bluegrass State as well. But, alas, there are very few counties where the election data from 2000 matches the 2000 census precinct geography.

The Google Earth files are organized into folders sorted by county,allowing for faster display and easier export to Google Maps. See this map of Kanawah County, WV (Charleston).

As in the Kanawah County Google Map, you may wish to make the colors a little more transparent for Google Maps. You can do this by doing a search and replace on the statewide KML file -- search for b0 and change to 7f.

West Virginia election data could not be matched to precinct boundaries in Cabell County and a few other areas. Indiana is more spotty -- precincts reflecting approximately 80% of the votes cast in the 2000 election are displayed.

There is a lot more demographic and election data available for West Virginia via FairVote2020's West Virginia interactive map. Also, at the end of the web page, you'll find Bush-Gore and 2000 Election Day turnout maps in Adobe format for 60 cities and towns.

This is the first time we have produced a map for Indiana, so you'll have to rely on the SocioEcon Mapper for additional info on Indiana neighborhoods.


Unknown said...

This is an awesome map, unfortunately you used the old precinct lines for Indianapolis. The county of Marion changed their precinct lines after the 2006 election reducing the precincts from over 900 to around 500. If you have the data for the new precinct lines please let me know as I would love to have that data.


FairPan2020 said...

Pardon my delay, I was in a voting trial down in Mississippi and hadn't checked my email thoroughly.

I don't have the new precinct lines for Indianapolis. Marion County must have a shape file depicting the new precinct lines. I looked around on the county website and didn't see a place to download it directly, so you may need to contact the GIS department or someone with county elections.

Some places charge for these files.

If you get hold of the geographic boundary file and need to have it converted to KMZ format, send it to me and I'll do the conversion.

There probably won't be any election data linked to the shape file, but you may be able to match the 2006 election data to 2006 precincts with an election results file from the Marion County Elections Department.