Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bush-Gore by 2000 Precinct in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania primary is just a month away. There is probably a statewide GIS database showing Bush-Kerry by precinct, but the gatekeepers at the political party headquarters will never make it available to the public.

Fortunately, Pennsylvania is a state where a Bush-Gore map is just about as useful. So we have uploaded a precinct-level Google Earth map showing 2000 presidential election results in a head-to-head Bush-Gore contest.

You can download the KMZ file from the Google Earth forum, where we have uploaded several Google Earth precinct-level maps from other states showing the 2004 election.

The KML file is organized by county to make it easy to export precincts into Google Maps. Lehigh County (Allentown) is shown below.

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The FairVote2020 Pennsylvania interactive map was probably the most heavily used map on our website prior to the 2004 election. You can query that map for a lot more demographic and voting data than you get with the Google Earth map.

If you need detailed paper maps, you can download Adobe maps for 55 places at the end of the PA interactive map web page.

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