Saturday, June 4, 2011

State-by-State Block Level 2010 PL 94-171 Files Available for Download

We're making  state-by-state block level  2010 PL 94-171 files available for download.
The dataset uses Maptitude field name nomenclature and includes the same race and ethnic categories as the 2000 PL94-171 block files we posted at the start of the 2000 Census redistricting cycle.

Additional calculated fields for "any part" African American, American Indian, and Asian Americans are included with the 2010 version.

There are 17 zip files -- with two or more states combined and organized in no particular order.

These comma-delimited files are extracts from the Census Bureau files and  include most but not all multi-race and geographic fields.

As of June 1, 2011, we have used these files to develop statewide legislative plans for Virginia and South Carolina, as well as 35 local redistricting plans in a dozen states.

A nationwide point shapefile depicting 2010 group quarters blocks that we prepared for the Prison Policy Initiative is available here:

For Maryland redistricting, use the adjusted population data that reassigns the correctional population, released  by the Maryland Department of Planning.

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