Thursday, March 24, 2011

South Carolina Set for Second Majority-Black District

A little over a year ago, we surmised that there was a good chance that a second majority African-American
congressional district could be drawn in the Palmetto State upon release of the 2010 Census. The South Carolina PL 94-171 redistricting file was released yesterday by the Census Bureau. The results are in. A second district can be created.

The map below shows a hastily drawn draft with downstate District 6 at 51.1 % any part African-American voting age and 55.4% minority voting age. Upstate District 7 has a 50.3% any part African-American voting age and 56.3% minority voting age. Both districts are close to zero deviation. The districts were drawn at the precinct (VTD) level.

Click map to enlarge

Download Shapefile (for plan drawers)

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