Monday, June 12, 2006

Latino Registered Voters in CA by Precinct (2004)

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This file (about 3.5 mb) shows Latino registered voters as a percentage of all voters in California by 2004 statistical precinct. It is based on data obtained from the California Statewide Database.

The coverage is identical to the Bush-Kerry map described in our previous post, except that the map excludes precincts where less than five percent of registered voters are Latino. Those under five percent areas are transparent.

As in the Bush-Kerry map, some areas could not be matched to precinct geography. Those precincts, along with unpopulated areas, are also transparent on the map.

These are statistical precincts and in many instances do not follow local precinct boundaries for registration and elections.

The statistical precincts are coded by zip code.

Use CTRL-Click on the map to display a balloon popup with the voting stats for a specific precinct surrounding or near the clicked point.

Use the edit menu item “Find in Places” to locate and scroll through all precincts around a specific zip code.

In addition to the thematic map file above, you can download this point overlay file to click and view by precinct the total number of registered voters and the number of Latino registered voters at the time of the 2004 election.

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